A New Zealand First | Exclusive to Skinography

Hailed by countless celebrities worldwide like Meghan Markle, Kate Moss & Keira Knightly as their go-to Red carpet & Royal wedding skin prep. This innovative and renowned European technique offered by only a handful of Facialists worldwide, some of which are well known cult celebrity Facialists like Nichola Joss in London & Danna Omari, the founder of Noy Skincare in New York City.

Kate has since travelled to Los Angeles to train under internationally acclaimed Russian specialist Yakov Gershkovich, in his The Sculptural Facial Massage technique. This practice involves Osteopathy, Cranialsacral, Deep Tissue as well as Lympatic drainage philosophies.

Kate is currently the only Facialist in New Zealand to hold the Advanced Level Certification in The Sculptural Facial Massage Technique.

The Sculptural Facial Massage technique restructures, sculpts and redefines the jawline + cheekbones to create a chiseled effect. Touted as the ultimate facelift alternative without going under the knife.

The Sculptural Facial Massage technique removes tension & stress in muscle tissue by softening + strengthening the muscle fibers. Facial muscles are manipulated by massaging deep inside the cheek and jaw area to sit higher, creating a more lifted structure + defined facial contours. Lymphatic drainage effectively removes toxins, draining and eliminating puffiness + fluid retention while increasing blood circulation. This encourages more nutrition rich & oxygenated blood to flow freely, feeding the skin cells + muscle tissue, improving regeneration + restoration of skin and facial tissues. Tighten sagging skin and wind back the years.

Relax while this 60 minute High-end hands-on lifting treatment radically changes your skin tone and texture. You will experience a total anti-aging facial workout, resulting in an even and more relaxed face that rests in a more lifted position with diminished facial lines and plumped to perfection, which can last up to three days, and even longer.

How does it work?

Did you know you have 57 muscles above the collarbone?

Your skin is first prepared + cleansed with a gentle cleansing milk eliminating any surface debris. We then drench the skin with lush organic & unrefined Shea butter + Macadamia oil, deep massage movements using pressure point and lymphatic drainage to sculpt, contour, and enhance the face including cheekbones and jawline using firm, gua sha-like massage of the external facial muscles. Kate will perform a range of lifting and sculpting movements - think vigorous toning movements and high energy whipping strokes - to boost blood circulation and collagen production. De-stressing muscle tissue allows features to become stronger and skin more vibrant. Flushed with blood and nutrients, from there the massage turns buccal.

Inside Job

With a pair of surgical gloves we begin the buccal technique inside of the mouth, lips and jawline where mimical muscles are deeply massaged and tension released. The muscles are sculpted + toned using precise movements. You will immediately feel more open, lighter & deeply relaxed.

The result? Your skin will have a soft rosy glow to it, cheeks appear lifted, deliciously smooth + contoured. You will walk away from the experience with plumped cheekbones and a less tight, chiseled jawline.

What results can you expect after one session?

Say "Aah": this Meghan Markle-approved face workout is all you need!

Radiant, plump, glowing skin for sure, and the added benefit of relaxed, bouncy, fuller + firmer muscles and sculpted contours. You won't nod off, but your skin will look instantly tighter and brighter. Results are cumulative so it's important to continue regular weekly sessions until you achieve your desired goal and then continue with monthly maintenance treatments.

Performed exclusively by Skinography founder, using High-end hands-on lifting and contouring from industry veteran Kate Michelmore.

$280  | 60 Minutes - Massage only*

$340 | 90 Minutes - Full Facial + Massage*

$2380 | 10 x 60 Minute - Massage only* | RRP $2800 - Saving you $420!

*Special Note | Please wait 3 weeks after any injectables (Botox + Filler) and a minimum of 6 weeks post-facial cosmetic procedures. Not Suitable for during pregnancy. If in doubt please email with your questions to