How To Layer Products to Keep Your Skin Happy and Hydrated During Winter

If you’re like many of our clients, your skin is ready for winter to be over – the dryness, the flakiness, the sensitivity. Here are our tips to layer your products for maximum moisture to get our skin through to spring.

Start with a cleanse. Even if you have very dry skin, there are beautiful creamy cleansing options, oil cleansers, and cleansing balms that will help add moisture + nourish while still sweeping the slate clean. Why is cleansing still important in winter? By removing everyday buildup from the surface of your skin, it allows your serums and moisturisers to better penetrate and do the good work they’re supposed to do there.

Soak: The Power of 5. After you've cleansed your skin, use a flannel or muslin cloth to impart hydration directly to the skin. Submerge your cloth into warm water (Not too hot) wring out any excess water and press the cloth onto your skin and 'compress' for 5 seconds repeat x 5. This is what we call soaking and is an amazing way to superficially hydrate the skin throughout the seasons. 

Bonus points: Mist or tone after cleansing. Aside from giving your skin just a bit more of what it needs, whether that’s a dose of extra hydration from a hydrating mist or oil balancing. Toners and mists help serums and moisturisers spread and penetrate over the skin. A great step that you can add to your routine that can extend the life of your other potions.

After a mist or toner, layer your products thin/lightest to heavy/thickest: usually serum, facial oil, then moisturiser. Items like facial oil or serums, which only require a few drops, can be awkward to apply at first, but there are two methods. First, you can add those drops of oil to your moisturiser and blend them together before applying to face in one step. We curate our moisturisers in the studio and we will formulate a specific blend that will support your skin through the winter. If your skin is more lipid dry then we'll add more nurturing oils to really give your skin a good drink. Or, two, the true ritualistic layering route with a facial oil, warm your 2-3 drops of facial oil between your palms, this way it will get warm and spread it evenly. Firmly press the oil into your skin before moving on to moisturiser. When you’ve finished with your mists and serums and few drops of oil, apply a moisturiser with an SPF and you’re layered for maximum winter hydration.

For the rest of the winter season, we suggest the following routine, generically speaking:

Day: Soak, hydrating mist, hydrating antioxidant serum, moisturiser and SPF.

Night: Cleanse, soak, hydrating mist or balancing toner, curated serum + 2-4 drops facial oil or your curated moisturiser.